Root Master apkRoot Master APK

Download Link: Root Master
Name: Root Master
Version: v3.0
Size: 4.3 MB
Info: One Click Android rooting tool used to get Root access

Root Master is used to root Android phones and tablets without using a computer. You can directly download this app to your phone and get root access by clicking "Start" button. Super fast and easy with Root Master.

Root access is also known as SU access or superuser access. It is called like that way because rooting will gives you highest permission on Android OS. It allows you to do anything without any limitation. Root Master now support all most all Android phones and tablets.

You can even change Android version and alter apps and edit source code too. With Root access things get better and better. You can remove all annoying ads appear when using a app or playing a game easily. Apps like adaway require root access to remove ads. Ads removal process is completely free and no need to pay anyone.