Bouncy Seed Game for Android

Bouncy Seed is an exciting Android game with simple and interesting game play. You need to help a little seedling to bounce its way safely along its journey while avoiding the river below. You can use trampolines to fly through the sky and collect sunlight points. The game is packed with features, including rainbows and angry birds that can be hit to launch the seedling to new heights and speeds while collecting double the sunlight to help it grow.

About Bouncy Seed Game

Bouncy Seed Apk

Bouncy Seed is a brand-new game that brings a fresh concept to the world of mobile gaming. Although it may sound complicated, Bouncy Seed is simple and easy to play, making it perfect for all ages and skill levels.

• Rainbow Creation: Players can create their own rainbows in the sky to help guide the seedling to safety.

• Endless Stages: With endless stages to play through, Bouncy Seed offers hours of gameplay that never gets old.

• Beautiful Graphics: The game features stunning graphics that make the world of Bouncy Seed come to life.

• New Balloon Item: The game’s latest update adds a new balloon item that players can use to help the seedling bounce even higher.

• Score board:  leader boards of this game show point you earned and points earned by other players all around the world. Try to beat other players points.

• Game Store: Bouncy Seed has a game store that offers a wide range of items to enhance gameplay.

Gameplay of Bouncy Seed Game Android

In Bouncy Seed, easily draw or place trampoline for the seedling to bounce on, helping it avoid obstacles like heavy winds, jumping fish, and storm clouds. Must use the angle of the trampoline to direct the seedling out of danger and get it safely to the ground. You will find many obstacles when bousing the seed like rainbows, angry birds. Use those obstacles to launch it higher in-order to collect more sunlight points on the way. The game is endless, and can continue to play as long as they can keep the seedling safe.

Download Bouncy Seed Apk

Bouncy Seed is a fun and addictive Android game that offers a unique and neve ending gaming experience. With endless stages, beautiful graphics, and a range of features, the game is sure to keep you entertained for hours. You can use Android app stores like play store to install this game. If your Android phone does not support Google play services use Aptoide, AC Market or Happymod app store. Those are the best Android app stores available for free.